Darlene Erickson is an artist who works primarily in watercolor.  She has been sketching since she was a young girl, but started painting only about six years ago.  She developed a sense of composition through her interest in photography.  She worked with Westerville, Ohio artist W. James Atwood whose loss is mourned by many in the Columbus area.  She has worked with and learned from several other American artists and has taught watercolor classes for beginning artists. Her work has been displayed in several galleries in Florida and Ohio.  She is the past president of the Briny Breezes Art League in Boynton Beach, Florida and a member of the Delray Art League in Delray Beach, Florida.   Dr. Erickson earned a Ph.D. from Miami University and is currently Professor of English Emerita at Ohio Dominican University in Columbus, Ohio where she was named the Master teacher in the Humanities.  She has numerous publications, including a book on Marianne Moore entitled Illusion Is More Precise Than Precision.  Interestingly, Moore was a great patron of the arts and the discoverer and advocate of many, if not most, modernist painters.

Erickson has traveled widely to various European and Near Eastern countries each summer for the past twenty years, giving papers at international conferences, so her artistic work frequently explores European sites and styles.  Her sense of color is certainly affected by those travels.  She has lectured extensively in Budapest, Hungary, in Ireland, England, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Turkey, and in Italy. 
She recently gave a keynote speech on Enchantment In Contemporary Literature and Art at a conference in Ronda, Spain.

The artist has been influenced by Japanese Art, by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright,  Georgia O'Keefe,and by a recent trip to the American West, especially Sante Fe, New Mexico.  Erickson explores a wide variety of themes, subjects, and styles.  Rich color is her primary hallmark.  Darlene has shown in the Java Central Gallery in Ohio and has had paintings exhibiting her work in many other locations.  She mounted a one-woman show in Delray Beach, Florida in January of 2014.