Gallery I  -  Birds and Butterflies
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Chickadees In Winter Vibrant Butterflies Blue Macaw


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Green Cockatoo Monarch Wood Warblers  One Strange Bird 
Summer Butterflies   
Summer Butterflies  Black Butterfly Key West Baltimore Oriole 
Brown Butterfly Moth Bluebirds  Red Macaw  Hummingbird 
Blue Jay With Birches Butterfly on Orange  Winter Blue Jay "Buddy"

Red & Blue Parrot Cardinal in the Snow Alone Two Robins
Formosan Magpie Japonais Hummingbird Window Titmouse Gala
Magpie Downy Woodpecker Twilight Painted Buntings
Bohemian Waxwings Green Parrot  Cinnamon Butterfly  Bluejays


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