Gallery II - Flora

ChèvrChèvrefleursle White Orchids Moonlit Blooms 


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Sunflower Solo Night Blooming Cereus Anemone Spray e14"> AuCaAudrey Hepburn Rose
Poppy Fantasy
Clematis Purple Anemones Poppy Fantasy Iris Study
Blue Daisies  Boudoir   Tuscan Sunflowers
Blue Daisies Study in Green Boudoir Tuscan Sunflowers 
Poppies Spring Spring Magnolias

Pink Poppies

Mood Indigo 
Arrangement in  Green Vase Echinacea Mood Indigo Purple Tulips
Pink Lilies Delphiniums Pink Anemonies Iris With Stars
Interlude Lavender Spray Poppies II Hibiscus With Spanish Mofif
Cyclamen French Ribbon 
Cyclamen Solitary Rose French Ribbon  White Tulips
 Water Lily
Iris on Yellow Ochre Roses and Lilies Red Tulips in Milk Can  Endangered Water Lily 
Fresh Poppies  Anemone Bouquet  Yellow Roses  Poppy Spray
Ebony Vase Poppy Study Morning Glory Study Calla Lilies
Purple Calla Lilies  Burst of Fuchsia Glass of Crimson Magnolias
Burst of Tulips   Yellow Gold White Shadows Buttercups
Dusty Blues  
Dusty Blues Mary's Tulips  Poppies In the Glen  Roses On Blue
Printemps  Geraniums  Strawberry Blossoms  La Rose Parfait 
Purple Clematis     Jonquils


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